My friend Karen, who’s always looking out for me, sent me through a link, as soul food, she said.

So I’m passing it on to you.

June 15th this year was the 40th anniversary of the Acorn Peace Event.  For those of you too young (or too old) to remember,  that’s the event that kicked off Yoko Ono and John Lennon’s famous peace campaign.

Since June, Yoko has been

publishing an ‘Acorn’ a day.

It will continue for 100 days.

So take a trip over to 100 Acorns.  Try out one (or more) of Yoko’s “conceptual instructions”.

And tell me: what do you think of Yoko?  Of her conceptual art?

But no opinions till you’ve done, not just read, one (or more) of her acorns.

And then, maybe, offer us your best way to win peace.