planning a creative week

What are you creating this week? Me, I’m happily preparing for my Go Creative! Day Workshop for creative entrepreneurs on November 25th.

By “creative entrepreneurs” I mean those I think of as my tribe: authors, artists of all kinds, coaches, trainers and educators, counselors and healers, activists, makers and shakers and doers.

Most especially those who want to make a living doing what they love, while also making a positive impact in the world.

The Workshop

Today I’d like to introduce you to four people who are going to help to make it a memorable day.

Creative Entrepreneur Sondra Turnbull

Sondra Turnbull

Sandra Turnbull (left), of Goddess Kindled and moderator of the Creativist Club. Sondra appeared out of nowhere in the middle of last year and has been a huge support to me, as I find my way with this huge Go Creative! project.

An aspiring indie author, her niche is nothing less than the weaving of magic! She has worked as a healer and meditation teacher. As well as being organizer-in-chief on the day, she will also offer us a creative meditation on our lunch break.

Creative Entrepreneur Tom Evans

Tom Evans

Tom Evans, of The Zone Show
is another alchemist, who will help me present some of the creativist material.

Like me, Tom works from both scientific and creative perspectives and we have been playing with the idea of him doing the manly evidence-based approach and me doing the more fluid and feminine f-r-e-e-writing and mapping. But we may do it the other way round. We all, men and women, have male and female energies and it’s usually best to play up our least used aspect.

And like Sondra, Tom “gets it”, understands that the life we are living today has been defined by what we allowed ourselves to imagine, and intend, and attend to, yesterday.

And that our future is being created through what we allow ourselves to imagine, and intend, and attend to, right now.

That’s what the whole Go Creative! series is about and I feel super-blessed to have these two witcherly-wizards to sprinkle their magic over our day.

We’ll also have Dorota Staniak of The Witch Cafe  providing us with a delicious lunch. And her even more delicious sugar-and-dairy-free cake.

And Ricardo Fayet, of, an online marketplace for publishing professionals will be our publishing sponsor for the day.

Creative Entrepreneur Dorota Staniak

Dorota Staniak

Creative Entrepreneur Ricardo Fayet

Ricardo Fayet

If you’re around London, and you’re the sort of person who wants to work at what you love, while also creating a positive impact in the world, we’d love to have you along.

You can find out more here:

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