I’ve just done my first podcast, a short poem called ‘Life’s Work’. You can listen to it here: Life’s Work.

Though it’s short, its theme is a perennial one for creatives (in and out of the kitchen!).

‘Life’s Work’ is one poem from a collection I just published called Ten Thoughts About Love.

At £4.99, a signed copy of the paperback would make a perfect Christmas stocking-filler for a loved one.

Or buy the eBook to read on your computer or eReader (ebook: $2.99).

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Here’s the print version of Life’s Work.

The great Artist is at work.
Around his house, his children move
in whispers; while his wife
lays down a dinner tray,
tells that it’s there with two soft taps (no more),
upon the study door.

The great Artist begs his work
to yield to him, to offer up
its answers; while outside
his children move away
as children always will, towards play,
and food that took an hour to cook, or more,
turns cold upon the floor.