Go Creative Monday Motivator

What are you creating this week? For me, it’s all about the Creativist Club and I’m pleased to declare that, if not yet officially open to all, we are now admitting our first intake of followers and friends.

What about you? What are you making of yourself this week?

Each Monday I send a reminder email to creatives and creativists around the world. The pull of the outer, conventional world is strong, with ever more distractions being put our way, so we all need reminding about how necessary it is to turn inwards, and focus on creating what we most truly want.

Which is rarely what the world tells us we should want.

The Monday Motivator reminds you to prioritize what’s most important to you and offers tips and tools that help you to set up what you need to get into creative flow this week.

Monday Motivator emailIf you’d like to receive the weekly mailout, just click the pic. (You’ll also get a free book!)

If you already receive it, I’d love to know what you’re creating these days and how the Go Creative! tools and techniques have helped you along your way.

Drop me a line, using the contact form, with “What I’m Creating” in the subject box.

We may feature you in an upcoming Go Creative! Show.