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Irish Historical Fiction and Inspirational Poetry

Click to purchase one of my Irish historical novels or inspirational poetry books.Irish historical fiction and inspirational poetry

Hello! I'm Orna Ross, Irish indie novelist and poet. If you're a reader who enjoys Irish historical fiction with a literary leaning, or inspirational poetry of the non-religious kind, then you're in the right place.

(If you're a writer seeking self-publishing guidance, you'll find that branch of my work over at here the Alliance of Independent Authors.)

So, dear reader, tell me which you prefer:

  • Poetry that looks behind the veil of the worldly world at life's creative mysteries?

  • Novels with twisty plots, deep characters, and a lyrical lilt?

Or maybe even both?

Here on this website you can browse my bookstore, or join my growing band of reader members on Patreon who receive a short ebook, and more, from me every month, or just find out more about me and my writing.

Happy book browsing!

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