Allowing Now: The Book and the Poem

I’ve been working on my mindfulness poem “Allowing Now” for a number of years and it’s finally finished.

Since Christmas, I’ve also been revising some of the poems in that collection.

The substance of the poem was there at the start but what I wanted was not to write a poem about mindfulness, or Allowing Now, but to give the reader a mindfulness experience in the reading. I think I’ve nailed it now.

Below is a taster of the first stanzas. To get the full effect, and the full details of the revised and updated version of Allowing Now the book, you’ll need to become a patron.

The talkers talk
of leaving
or remaining
who should go,
what cannot stay,
who’s right,
what’s wrong,
where’s goodness gone?

Too many old,
the lawless young,
we’re bound to pay,
we’ll come undone,
the planet’s doomed,
the coming bomb.

Enough of that.
I’m calling now.

I close my ears 
to third-hand tales.
I breathe my breath:
Inhale. Exhale. 
For now.

For now
no more of what the world calls news,
filtered through another’s blues…


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