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Creative Living: Be More Creative

The Difference Between New Year’s Resolutions and Creative Intentions

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results,” said Einstein. Or Ben Franklin or Rita Mae Brown or a few other people depending on what Internet quote site you favor. Whoever said it was right and they were probably talking about new year’s resolutions. One wide ranging study has found that almost 90% of people break New Year’s resolutions within days or weeks. Yet research also consistently shows that those who do make resolutions are more successful in creating what they want than those who don’t. Taken together, those two statistics add up to a frightening picture of terrible creative skills….

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Creative Living: Be More Creative, My Other Poetry

Creating Happy Holidays: A New Poem

After we’ve taken to the shops, the public houses, the clamour and glitz, we come home, step out of the swell, hole up with our howl, cradle it close, hold it still, until we can let it go out with us again, out into the cold and the frozen. Until we can let it show us how to love glamour: only as tinsel, as topping. The promise of Christmas was never a treasury. Frankinsense and myrrh came later. And as gifts. Brought to a child, into a manger, by the wise.

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Selected Poetry Audio
Creative Writing: My Other Poetry

Valentines’ Day 2016: A New Poem

I’m writing this on Valentine’s Day 2016, at a sunny table outside Cole St cafe in The Haight, 6000 miles away from The Hub. He is in London, I am in San Francisco. But love is what the scientists call non-local and no problem for it to leap continent and ocean. He got me a card, I’ve sent him a poem. The commercial side of Valentine’s day debases and dilutes love, with its cupids and chocolates, completely overlooking how love is a force that destroys the established order, over and again, even in a long relationship. (30+ years, since you…

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Creative Writing

Halting Place: A New Poem

For Wang Wei. And Fiona. Here, autumn has not yet plucked the last of the leaves. Evening mist has nothing to hold but the trees. It’s that time of day, that time of year, when poems come. That ache to be here, to be heard. Surely, soon? You relieve it with love, always have. My dear, I saw you pick up his scarf on our way out, the old one you said he won’t wear any more. I see you wearing it now, worn side in.

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Creative Living: Be More Creative

The Create-State: How To Go Creative

I’m on a concrete pit-stop somewhere between Cologne and Brussels, surrounded by hundreds of resting forty-foot trucks and the whoosh-whoosh-whoosh-whoosh of motorway traffic passing on two sides. Every year I attend Frankfurt Book Fair, to speak and learn about publishing and self-publishing. Usually I fly, but I prefer trains to planes and this year, I’d thought I’d travel by Eurostar and ICE train, via Brussels. It worked a dream on the way over but on the way back, we find ourselves unexpectedly taken off the train at Cologne. Sorry, but there’s a rail strike in Belgium, they tell us. They’ve laid…

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