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Creative Living: Be More Creative, Creativist Musings

Creative Intelligence Versus Conventional Intelligence

Like every human who ever lived, you have two different ways of observing and experiencing your life and the events that unfurl within it. You see that picture of two white faces, which, when you look again, is actually one black candlestick? One picture, but if you shift your perspective what it represents totally changes. Our view of our world, our life and what’s going on in it is like that. We are constantly shifting between two broad perspectives: the conceptual and the creative. In the Creativist Club, we call these the con-state and the create-state. Con-State vs Create-State Con-state relies on the…

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Creative States

Continuing the Go Creative! Series. Last time: Everybody is Creative, Everything is Created. Human beings move through different states of creative consciousness, as we progress through life but these are not demarcated levels as implied by laying them down on the page as we are going to do below. Consciousness elevates itself in an oscillating flow, rather than a steady upwards progression. It’s not so much like a stairs or ladder as a musical scale, and that’s the organising principle we’ve used to explain the eight states and how they shift. The tonic sol-fah (doh — ray — mi —…

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