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Indie Poetry Please!

The Indie Poetry Please! podcast is a sub-section of the Alliance of Independent Author’s Self-Publishing Poetry Podcast.

The main part of the podcast is mostly advice about self-publishing poetry books but we also have this segment, celebrating all that’s best in indie poetry publishing today.

For poets, this corner of the podcast is an online space to read and perform and get more attention for your work. If you are chosen for interview, you will also receive direct advice about online poetry publishing and creative enterprise for poets.

And of course for poetry lovers, it’s a chance to hear new work and find out what’s going on within the most exciting growth area in indie publishing: poetry.

Indie Poetry Please! Podcast for Poets: How To Submit Your Poems

  1. REGISTER: Fill this form  and send us information about the poems and you, the poet.
  2. FOLLOW ON PATREON:  Follow this page so you receive submission alerts (Following is free but you will need to sign up to PatreonFollow instructions are here)  
  3. SUBMIT YOUR POEMS THROUGH PATREON:  Each month, there is a public callout on Patreon for your poems. You use the comment box on that post to submit your poems for selection. Copy and paste the text of your poems there
  4. SUBMIT UP TO THREE POEMS.  We want one long (40+ lines) or three short poems, with one poem per comment box in Patreon. Please do not submit more, this will disqualify your entry.


Please Note:

  • Should your poems be selected for the podcast, we may broadcast any details you submit here, through the registration form, or in your email to Sarah.
  • Indie Poetry Please! is not an open mic. Various considerations go into deciding who to broadcast, including our theme of the month, getting a spread of genres and many other factors.
  • Orna Ross patrons have priority but neither submission nor patronage guarantee broadcast
  • Even if not selected for reading on the podcast, the poems will be enjoyed on the Patreon page by many other poets, by my patrons and other followers
  • If you have any questions, Sarah can help. sarah@ornaross.com

Dalma and I very much look forward to reading your work, privately, and out loud on the podcast.

Indie Poetry Please! Podcast for Poetry LoversTuning In

  1. Follow my Patreon page here. Following is free and the podcast is public (but poetry patrons have submission priority).
  2. Sign up below to receive alerts, plus other indie poetry news, including the Alliance of Independent Authors #AskALLi Advice Podcast about self-publishing poetry, together with free poetry books and other bonuses.