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The selected poetry books are the poems I consider the best, the “keepers” as the title of one of them has it.

selected inspirational poetry booksSelected Inspirational Poetry Books: Keepers

A break from your daily struggles is only a verse away…

Keepers is a selection of stirringly crafted inspirational poetry.

Price: £3.99



Selected Poetry: Poems to Inspire

In this selection of her poems, chosen and arranged by the poet, you’ll find consolation and inspiration.

Here are poems that offer shifting interpretations of identity, poems that rework ancient Irish blessings, poems about life and liberty and the conditions for happiness.

Price: £1.99





Selected Inspirational Poetry Books: Allowing Now

This inspirational poetry celebrates life, love and the resilience of the creative spirit.

Price: £3.99




For my latest short chapbook of ten poems, go here.

If you’d like a new poem a month, written exclusively for you, visit my Patreon Page.

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