Creativism is the adoption of creative principles and practices as a way of life.

Creativists say: “I’m in charge, I am responsible for what unfolds in my life.”

Creativists also say: “There is a creative flow unfolding in the world. I am part of that. The best way to live is to do what I can to align with that flow, that unfolding.”

Creativists consciously align their thoughts, words and actions with creative flow — and having done so, they let go.

They spend much time cultivating an internal open empty space, so that their truest needs can emerge and be satisfied.

They know this is how life evolves — and that, for human beings, creative evolution is a life-long unfolding.

Creativists & Creatives

I started to use the “creativist” term when I started this blog back in 2008, to distinguish it from “creativity”, which works with the same principles and practices and process, but as related to music, art and creative writing.

What is it that artists do? They are alchemists, consciously transforming materials — paint, music, stone, film, words — into something new, something that didn’t exist before, that expresses something deep and true and particular to them, that connects them to others.

A creativist takes the skills that make art and applies them to daily life. We consciously transform the materials of life — work, sex, money, family, friendship — into something new, something that didn’t exist before, that expresses something deep and true and particular to us, that connects us to others.

The skills that make art can be used for good or ill: in this, intention is all.

A Creativist World

Just as good art transforms materials into the beauty of truth, the delight of wisdom, creativists pledge to create truth, beauty, wisdom and delight in engaging with the material and spiritual challenges of their life and times.

Creativists work for a social structure that fosters growth and empowerment, yes, but within a context of creative containment and balance.

For an economy that recognises the individual and the collective; the male and the female, the material and the intangible.

A creativist acknowledges that the first need is to create these conditions within. Only then can they be authentically created outside the self, in the world.

Creativism, as a state of mind and a way of life, can lead us beyond consumerism.

The concept of creativism is the foundation stone of my Go Creative! books: that the same process that creates one thing creates everything.

And that this process can be applied to whatever we want to make.

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