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Maud Gonne

A packed house at the Carousel Awards
Creative Publishing: WB Yeats, Maud Gonne, Iseult Gonne

What Winning the Carousel-Aware Prize For Independent Fiction Means To Me

On October 25th, which also happens to be the night the Man-Booker prize winner was announced this year, I won my own first prize as a novelist. It’s not likely that you’ll have heard of that award, for three reasons. It’s an Irish prize, this is its first year in existence, and it’s a prize for independent author-publishing. So minority, all the way. But the award ceremony was packed, delivered to the room full of fervent book-lovers you see above. And I couldn’t have been happier about it, had it been the Man-Booker itself. And when, next day, I received a beautiful…

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Creative Living: WB Yeats, Maud Gonne, Iseult Gonne

WB Yeats’s Fanatic Heart Was Not For Ireland But For Love

“It was all ‘father, oh father’,” Bob Geldof says, mimicking a pious female voice addressing a priest. Then in his own voice: “Fuck off, you’re not my father.” Geldof is railing against Irish groveling to the Roman Catholic  church in Fanatic Heart, a documentary about the life and work of Ireland’s great poet (and subject of my most recent novel): William Butler Yeats. Geldof argues that the poet and  literary statesman brought about revolutionary change in Ireland’s struggle for independence, without firing a bullet. Instead of guns, his modus operandi was a poetic national vision, betrayed by the Roman Catholic nation-state that emerged after Irish independence. So it was not…

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