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Creative Publishing: Self-publishing News, uncategorized

Highlights from the Alliance of Independent Authors’s Self publishing Advice Blog

With a slight change to the format, this week, on ALLi’s Self-Publishing Advice Blog, we bring you the highlights of the last seven days. Our news editor Dan Holloway brings us the latest indie news, including a new self-publishing prize, where ebook sales are on the rise, the latest announcement from Audiobook Creation Exchange, where Amazon Kindle Unlimited loopholes and the hot topic from Book Expo. Sarah Banham presents a case study on How to be a Writer in Residence – And Why It’s Worthwhile. This interesting article explains what a Writer in Residence is and how it could be beneficial to…

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Creative Inspirations: Imogen Heap and Mycelia For Music

It was wonderful to meet musician and creative activist, Imogen Heap, at one of the Creative Industries Federation‘s breakfasts last week in London. (Love being a member of the Federation, which does sterling work here for creatives of all kinds here in the UK) I’m hoping to have Imogen on the Go Creative! Show soon to talk to our growing band of creatives and creativists about her inspiring initiative Mycelia For Music and what we might be able to learn from it that can be applied to publishing. Musicians are a few years ahead of writers, I think, when it comes to awareness…

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Creative Living: Go Creative! Show, uncategorized

Walk Up To The Go Creative! Show Episode 14: The Principles of Conscious Creation

This week the show is all about the principles of conscious creation. As many of you know, I’m working on the Creativist Club with moderator Sondra Turnbull and over the coming weeks, we are going to be talking you through the process of what happens as somebody takes a creative intention through the process of conscious creation, as supported by the club. Sondra’s going to be bringing her own intention through the process, for us all to observe and learn from. On Sunday, to set the scene, I’m talking about setting good intentions, diving deep, honing focus, going public, turning…

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Creative Living: F-R-E-E Writing, uncategorized

F-r-e-e-writing Prompt: Transforming Failure Into Success

So, over to you, creativists. What are your fails this week? Are you failing enough, first of all? Have you actually taken that step out into the world where you can fail and fail publicly and learn the lesson? What’s there that maybe you’re resisting that you know you should do that possibly has failure embedded in it that you’re hiding from? That’s the first question. So scanning through what’s gone on for you over the last week or so, are there failures in there? And if there are, what are the lessons embedded in them? You Can Buy A…

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What Happens After The Rising?

The Irish Independent caught up with me while I was at the Yeats Summer School in Sligo to talk about the Easter Rising of 1916, what it meant to WB Yeats and what it meant to me, growing up in a small Irish village in the 1960s and 70s, in the shadow of the Irish civil war of 1922/23. Next Easter, I hope to be back in Wexford to commemorate the centenary of the 1916 Rising. For me, if we don’t take this  opportunity to talk about what followed on six years later we will have, in WB Yeats’s words, “disgraced ourselves again”. The shame…

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Special Edition Thanks To Special Edition People #1: Joni Rodgers

As most people in my orbit know, I’m in the middle of launching a special edition print book. Before I blog about the takeaways from this latest adventure (learning so extensive that I’ll be breaking it into three posts — one on the writing and editorial; one on production; and one on promotion), I have some people I want to thank. And number one is the person who had most to do with this book, aside from myself: my editor, Joni Rodgers. I first met the fabulous Joni online. It was 2011, when authors were heady with the new excitement that technology had added to…

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Secret Rose Press Release

 “WB Yeats Was An Indie Author” says Orna Ross, Irish Director of the Alliance of Independent Authors, launching her new book which combines Yeats’ short story collection with her novel in a special tribute edition for #Yeats2015. 15.7.2015: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Irish Launch: At the Yeats International Summer School, Yeats House, Sligo (Aug 3 2015, 5pm) & UK Launch: At The London Irish Centre, Camden, London  (Aug 20 2015, 8pm)   Leading Irish self-publisher and Director of the Alliance of Independent Authors, Orna Ross, will launch Secret Rose, a unique two-in-one book tribute for #Yeats2015 in Sligo and London this August….

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Crowdfunder Thanks

The Secret Rose Hall of Fame I want to thank the wonderful people who supported my crowdfunder project  to make, publicise and distribute my special commemorative two-in-one book, in replica of WB Yeats 1897 first edition of The Secret Rose. Friends and patrons, I am so grateful to you for your support and hope you will enjoy being involved in this special project for #Yeats2015. I’ll be writing to you all individually this week but in the meantime sending you the loudest possible shoutout of gratitude. Your generosity meant that we exceeded the target and has enabled me to offer a free one-week scholarship to Yeats Summer…

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Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder & CEO, On His Love of Books

We’ve been talking a lot about Amazon in ALLi over the past week or so, with two blog posts about them ( on whether the company really “loves authors” Here and on all the way to publish on Amazon Here). Doing the research, I came across  this interview with Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and CEO, from the American Academy of Achievement, in which he discusses his love of books. I thought you might be interested.   On  reading  30 Newbery Award winners as the boy On one of his favourite books: A Wrinkle in Time On reading The Hobbit and Lord of The Rings On finding, in the tiny…

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