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Dorothea Brande

Becoming A Creative Entrepreneur
: Creative Business, Creativism and Creativists

Becoming A Writer, Becoming A Creative Entrepreneur

I vividly remember the first book I ever read about the creative process. It was a bright blue, frisky, spring day and I was taking a bus to Skerries, a town on the north Dublin coast, to see if it was a place where I might like to live. And I was reading, of course. Then, as now, I was always reading or writing. That day, I was reading a book about writing, the most useful book about writing I was ever to read: Becoming A Writer by Dorothea Brande. It was one of those reading experiences where you feel…

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Creative Publishing

Quantum Creativity

I’m thinking about creative and conventional views of reality this morning, as I’m reading Quantum (by Manjit Kumar).  It’s a great read, about the mind-blowing conundrums at the heart of modern physics and a very human look at the men who brought them to us. Lacking the mathematical language to grasp some of the concepts, I have to take the science in the book very, v..e…r…y… slowly but I’m fascinated by how the quantum worldview supports a creative perspective — much more so than

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