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Go Creative Means Go Deeper: Accessing The Create-State

As a creative, I find much business advice mechanical and one-dimensional. It doesn’t speak my language and doesn’t help me to create more, or better. Which are my two measures of whether a book about creative entrepreneurship has worked for me, or not. In most cases, not. One exception is The E-Myth by Michael Gerber. The e-myth stands for “the entrepreneurial myth”, a concept popularized by business coach Michael Gerber. It’s what Gerber calls “the fatal assumption” that if you’re good at what you do, you can successfully run a business around it. Creatives are terrible for this. If the work is…

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Creative Giving

Giving is at the heart of the creative approach. You give something of yourself – sometimes for payment, often not. Sometimes knowing exactly why, often not. This blog post is my once-a-year callout, where you get the opportunity to intentionally give — by supporting a vulnerable person who, because of famine or war or genocide or some other trauma, is struggling. This is where I ask if you have enjoyed or received any other benefit from the Go Creative! blog this year, whether you might

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