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giving and receiving

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Creating Happy Holidays Part 3: “Giving & Receiving”. From Creating Money, Creating Meaning

We each receive certain gifts when we come into this life – talents, interests and attributes – that we offer to others. In return, we may receive love, acknowledgement, appreciation, validation, money or other rewards. Receiving in these ways allows us to replenish the life force we have “spent” which in turn enables us to continue giving. If we look deeply at our relationships with others through the giving/receiving lens, we find they can all be categorized as: a. A relationship where you mostly give. b. A relationship where you mostly receive. c. A two-way flow relationship. Creative giving will…

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How To F-R-E-E-Write Part 2: First Session

Often we write what feels like garbage for days and, then, like a flower from compost, something that seems significant emerges. But we don’t work for that. We work only to do it. Because when we read back, we often find that what we thought was significant was banal… while we sailed past what now seems like a true revelation.

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