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How to create what you want

power of creative intention for creativepreneurs
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The Power of Creative Intention for Creativepreneurs Part 1: Three Core Creative Principles

Today we begin a new blog series about the power of creative intention for creativepreneurs. We are all, always, creating, whether we know it or not. Sometimes we create consciously, more often unconsciously. Some of our wants and desires, like the desire to read or eat, have sex or drink a glass of water, are cyclical. They rise, are satisfied for a while, then they come round again. Just because you drank water yesterday doesn’t mean you won’t get thirsty today. Others are one-offs; once satisfied, they’re replaced by a new desire, a different want. We finish a degree then want a…

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What's Wrong With Critics

If I ruled the world (Part 11): There would be no such job as critic. We’d have appreciators instead. They’d be creative listeners in the deepest sense, more alert to the intentions of the creator than to their own prejudices and wishes for the work. And they wouldn’t be allowed to evaluate anything until they’d achieved something comparable themselves. “I was a critic and I wish I could take it all back,” says author, publisher and education activist, Dave Eggers, “because it

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