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Repeal the Eight: Vote on May 25th

This blog is usually a politics-free zone but this is an appeal to Irish friends to vote “Yes” this day next week, on May 25th, when Ireland goes to the referendum polls (yet again). This time we will learn whether Ireland has finally grown up enough to trust its women. There are a thousand good arguments as to why Yes is the right way to vote on in this referendum, which you can read here. An Amendment That Should Never Have Happened I no longer have an Irish vote, if I did I would go home to do my part in seeing…

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My Oxford All Nighter

#writerwednesday. I’m excited to be speaking about the Alliance next Friday at NOT The Oxford Literary Festival (NTOLF). This event was started two years ago by writer/performers who were frustrated by the high admission prices at the … yes…Oxford Literary Festival. Frustrated too by the lack of representation at the festival of Oxford’s brilliant underground and spoken-word scene. As self-publishing’s potential to bring underground and grassroots voices to their readers is one of my Read More

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