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missions and values

Mission and Values
: Creative Business

Mapping Your Creative Business 3: Pre-Intention: Creative Business Values

As a creativepreneur, do you know your own creative business values? 1) Read the recent post about “going high“. F-r-e-e-write a two-page speech like Michelle Obama’s, explaining your definition of “going high” and what it would mean for you and your creative business. 2) What Do You Value? The following is a list of 150 qualities you might value. With a pen and notebook to hand, read through them and write down any that feels important to you. Acceptance Achievement Adventure Affection Altruism Art Artistry Attractiveness Awareness Balance Beauty Belonging Calm Cleanliness Community Compassion Connection Consciousness Contentment Contribution Control Courage Courtesy…

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Inevitable Versus Optional

I used to do long-distance running and whenever I hit a wall, I would think of Haruki Murakami quoting Guatama Buddha on the difference between inevitable and optional: ‘Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. ‘Say you’re running and you start to think, Man this hurts, I can’t take it anymore. The hurt part is an unavoidable reality, but whether or not you can stand any more is up to [you].’ Here are ten more inevitables and an optional mindset with which you can meet each of them. Or not.

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