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Tolstoy's Three Questions
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Tolstoy’s Three Questions Answered: This Week’s Sunday Read

Tolstoy’s Three Questions is a short story that asks: What is the best time to do each thing? Who are the most important people to work with? What is the most important thing to do at all times? The three questions have one answer. The parable of the story may seem a bit heavy-handed for modern literary taste but Tolstoy’s creative intention here was to reach the under-educated peasantry for whom he had great compassion.  It’s still worth a read today, especially as his single answer to the three questions is a key creative principle. It’s not too long. Make a…

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Skin Diving. Chapter 3.

My New Novel (Serialised fortnightly on Fridays). Chapter 3. Send Me A Girl. The Story So Far: From the ‘Advanced Psychotherapeutic Facility’ in upstate New York to which her father, Mack, has admitted her, Mel McIntyre mines family history and her own memory for details of a 20-year-old tragedy: the death of  baby sister, Tara.  Mel has reason to believe the mysterious circumstances of this death connect in some way to the recent suicide of her twin, Jamie. Previous Chapters Can be Read Here. Now Read On: Ah the girl breaking out of the box. That classic image of the flamboyant 1920s:…

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