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Creative Living: Creativist Musings

What Is Creativism?

Creativism is the adoption of creative principles and practices as a way of life, applying the creative process to everything. I started to use the “creativist” term when I began my blog back in 2008, to distinguish this everyday application of the process from “creativity”, which most people associate with music, art and creative writing. What is it that artists, writers and musicians do? They transform materials — paint, music, stone, film, words — into something new. Something that didn’t exist before, that expresses something deep and true and particular to them, that connects them to others. A creativist does the…

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Creative Publishing

Being Our Creative Best

In Your Creative Brain: Seven Steps to Maximize Imagination, Productivity, and Innovation in Your Life, Harvard psychologist Shelley Carson describes the two brain states we need to call on if we are to successfully create something from start to finish. The Spontaneous Pathway uses posterior portions of the brain to direct insight, idea germination, inspiration and free association through our creative intelligence. We’re in this brain state when we defocus our attention and Read More

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