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Creative Writing: My Poetry

A New Poem: Coming To

On my back. In the dark. Given up to night. I lie, a fool aground. A suckling. Yearning, turning in want and will, smothering in the urges of the underneath. Up there the spangled stars. The moon one quarter lit and on the wane. Hiding its hollows in its divide. And the black beyond. That dark that shades the darkness. The lacuna. Night pulls me in * Night holds me still. Night holds my wants against my will, until I am upended, and released to rise again. * Oh stars, shining in from forever ago, unfathomable in your million millions (Why…

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Creative Types Needed

For my book, GO CREATIVE! IT’S YOUR NATIVE STATE, I need to interview six different creative types – a writer, actor, musician, singer-songwriter, film director and comedian — and a male and female version of each. That’s twelve people in all. I’ll be asking you some key questions about the creative process — in your work and your life — through a questionnaire and (probably) some  follow-up correspondence. If you fit the bill and you’d like to have your story appear as a case history in the book, (and you’d like to help throw light on the mysterious process that…

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